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Dilution Ratio (Ultra Concentrate)

0.5- 2oz. per gallon ('Bucket' or 'Prime Solutions Foam Cannon Instructions')


Professionals & Consumers Choice. Save Time & Product Usage Costs. Best coupled with Prime Solutions Pro-Grade Foam Cannon. Car, Truck, RV, Boat, Motorcycle, Fleet, Bus, HD & Agriculture Equipment, Off Road Vehicles.


**See Product Details Below for more Information**




(1-Gal) or (5-Gal) Wash&Shine! - Cherry Melon Ceramic Infused Soap

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  • Highlights:
    -UV & Water Bead Protect for up to a month
    -Superior Cleaning Package
    -Concentrate, dilute 0.5-2 oz./gallon (Instruction sets on label)
    -High Shine
    -Improves water beading and sheeting actions
    -Surfaces dry quickly and reduce water spotting

    Product Description:
    High performing concentrated 1-Step cleaning and coating product designed to provide superior cleaning performance while simultaneously leaving behind a UV protective layer and high shine on automotive top coats, clear coats, and windows!  Our Wash & Wax is an ultra concentrated formula that only requires 0.5-2oz./gallon (more or less depending on surface conditions). Penetrants & surfactant agents designed to break down and lift dirt, dust, road grime, bugs, and other contaminants from the surfaces. Acts a conditioner to automotive surfaces to increase and enhance the gloss and shine finish. 


    1. Pre-Rinse entire vechile with water.

    2. Dilute 'Wash & Wax' to 0.5-2oz. per gallon in a bucket or foam cannon.

    3. Apply 'Wash & Wax' solutions to the automotive exterior surfaces.

    4. Rinse off exterior surfaces (do not allow Wash & Wax to dry down)

    5. Dry surfaces with down with microfiber or drying towels

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