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Prime Solutions Chemical Co. is a family owned and operated chemical manufacturing and contract packaging company founded in early 2021 near Columbus, OH. Prime Solutions set out with the mission to supply their professional grade auto detailing and home cleaning solutions with the rest of the world. For years leading up to the creation of Prime Solutions in 2021, the family members worked together to develop professional grade, affordable and simple to use product lines that deliver superior results, ease of use, and reduced product consumption costs for professionals and consumers. 

Our goal is to provide premium products, accessories and services that are accessible to everyday users and professionals; to clean, protect and restore all automotive, marine and home surfaces. An emphasis was placed on creating eco-friendly formulas that provide versatility, while simultaneously providing superior results. 

Prime Solutions is the NEXT GENERATION of auto detailing and home cleaning product lines. We've used the latest science and technology to rigorously test our product lines for years to ensure they meet and exceed customers expectations. 


Julie Morgan (Left)
Ethan Slaboden (Right)

Prime Solutions is a family owned & operated company founded in 2021 an engaged couple, Ethan Slaboden & Julie Morgan. Both individuals attended the University of Cincinnati. Ethan Slaboden graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering (BSChE), and Julie Morgan graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture & Graphic Design (DAAP). The couple began developing Prime Solutions professional grade home cleaning, auto detailing, & pet care product lines in 2015. Prime Solutions mission is to provide professionals & consumers throughout the world with their professional grade, affordable, and simple to use products.

After 2 years, over 25,000 customers will confirm just that! 

Don't believe us? Try it out yourself!

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