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Prime Solutions 8oz. 'Grab-N-Go' Style Spray Bottles. Convenient and easy to store in golf bags at all times!


Prime Solutions Golf Club Cleaner - Environmentally Friendly! Easily remove dirt, mud, grass, and sand from your golf club, ball, bag, and cart. All purpose cleaner, degreaser & stain remover. Simply spray on and wipe off.


Prime Solutions Golf Club Polish - Polish your golf clubs to restore to "new look" finish and shine! Simply spray on and wipe off.


**Contact to join our "pro shop" retail program. Special pricing available for courses who would like to resell these products to customers. Bulk sizes also available for courses to purchase and use for cleaning golf carts, equipment, kitchen, ball cleaner stations, club cleaner stations & general purpose cleaning in the clubhouse for restrooms and dining areas.

(4-Pack; 32oz. RTU) Golf Club, Ball & Bag Cleaner | Golf Club Polish

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