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Restore aluminum surfaces to a "new look" finish! Professional Grade Formula.


Dilution Ratio

1:1 - 1:10 (Varies based on the amount of surface contamination and oxidation needed removed)

(1-Gal.) & (5-Gal.) AL-CLEAN Aluminum Acid Cleaner & Brightener Concentrate

Excluding Sales Tax
  • AL-Clean is an aluminum cleaner and brightener formulated to clean and restore aluminum surfaces! It is a blend of acids and detergents that effectively brightens pontoons, aluminum trailers, rub rails, trailer decks, and aluminum prefabricated parts. It is an effective alternative to hydrofluoric aluminum brightener, with less harsh chemicals. 
    AL-Clean can also be used as an all surface safe wheel acid cleaner & brightener.
    In addition to aluminum brightening, AL Clean also breaks down and cleans road film, petroleum-based soils and metallic oxides off aluminum. It specializes in removing grease, oil, rust oxidation, and other soils. As you spray it into your surface, watch as it foams white, indicating it has penetrated a layer of dirt, grime, oil, film, etc.
    It is also specially formulated to be hard water stable when used at low use dilutions to get the most use out of your solution without compromising effectiveness (Save Money!).
    -Proper PPE should be worn.

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