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WARNING: Extremely High Foaming! Recommend Purchasing Prime Solutions Professional Grade Foam Cannon for Application of 'Suds Up! - Max Suds Auto Shampoo'


Dilution Ratio:

1-2oz. per gallon

(1-Gal.) or (5-Gal.) SudsUP! Lemon Lime Max Suds Auto Wash Shampoo

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Prime Solutions 'Suds UP!' Max Suds Car Shampoo Concentrate Lemon Lime Scented- Automotive Shampoo is a high foaming and highly concentrated automotive wash shampoo designed to provide extreme lubricity between brush heads/bristles and automotive surfaces to avoid scratching. The fresh lemon scented formula easily penetrates and breaks down dirt and road grime. 'Suds Up!' is formulated with an industrial grade surfactant package to assist in breaking the surface tension between surfaces and contaminants for simple and more effective results!  Leave surfaces of any motor vehicle with a bold gloss and sparkling shine finish. Formulated for multi-coating and multi-surface use, the Suds UP! Will NOT strip sealants or waxes from paint finishes.

    Dilute 'Suds Up!' as low as 1oz/gallon to save costs on product usage, while still maintaining superior performance!  **Use Prime Solutions Pro-Grade Foam Cannon as best practice (but not limited to) for application of 'Suds Up!' to surfaces

    Key Benefits:

    • Extreme Foaming Action
    • Penetrates Dirt
    • Penetrates road grime
    • Cleans without scratching
    • Creates lubricity between brush head and exterior surfaces
    • Will NOT strip wax (pH Balanced)
    • Free Rinsing

    Best Practice Applications:

    • Option 1: Apply to exterior surfaces via Prime Solutions Foam Cannon (In Shop), then brush surfaces and rinse off.
    • Option 2: Dilute 'Suds Up!' to 1-5oz. per gallon in a bucket. Clean surfaces with the solution mixture via brush or wash mitt. 

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