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KICK A** Cleaner, Degreaser & Stain Remover (Biodegradable) is a high performance, all-purpose, mild pH, professional grade cleaner, degreaser & stain remover designed with versatile surfactant packages and quick dry down agents that penetrate and lift contaminants from any surface or material to deliver high quality cleaning and degreasing performance for all industries.


-All surface safe.

-Incredible stain remover for carpet/linen/cloth/polyester/all safe.


Automotive, Home, Industrial, Janitorial, Professional Detailing, Car Wash (Interior and Exterior), Consumer Goods, Commercial and Professional Cleaning, Boating, Motorcycle, Fleet, Locomotive, Lawn and Garden, RV, Agricultural, Construction, Heavy Equipment, and more!



Key Benefits



All Surface Cleaner and Degreaser

Heavy Duty Stain Remover

Quick Dry Down Time



Neutral/Mild pH

Pre-Soak Wash


Bug Removal

Penetrates and Lifts Heavy Surface Contaminants

Aluminum Brightener (No Etching)

Non-Acid Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Breaks down and removes brake dust and road grime.



Dilution Ratio: 4-8oz. per gallon | 1-2oz. per 16oz. bottle


**Comes with empty refillable bottle for an easy diluted ready to easy formula!

Professionals and Consumers Choice. Comparable to 'Simple Green'.

Tired of using so many different cleaning products for interior & exterior cleaning? Yeah, we were too!

(4-Pack; 64 Fl. Oz.) KICK A** Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser-Stain Remover

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