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-Restore, Condition & UV Protect Interior Automotive Surfaces

-Leather, Vinyl, Plastic and Upholstery Surfaces

-Hydrophobic finish repels surface contaminents against stains, cracking, and fading 

-OEM Non-Oily Bold Gloss Surface Finish

-Refreshing Jasmine Scent 


Dilution Ratios


(1-Gal.) & (5-Gal.) Interior Conditioner & Protectant Concentrate - Hydrophobic

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Description:

    Premium Non-Oily High Gloss Finish with a refreshing Jasmine Fragrance. Prime Solutions Interior Protectant is a water based industrial grade surface dressing. This unique formula is designed for both interior and exterior use on surfaces such as rubber mats, vinyl, leather, bumpers, moldings, engines, plastics, and more! A non-oily high satin gloss, water and detergent resistant finish is achieved when applied.

    Key Benefits:

    -Non-Oily High gloss satin finish

    -Restore & UV Protect Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, Trim, Rubber Mats

    -Tack free drying

    -Refreshing Jasmine Fragrance

    -Cost Effective- Highly Concentrated for 1:4 - 1:15 Dilution Ratio Range (Concentrate versions of Prime Solutions Premium Interior Protectant are available in our 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon package sizes at this time) 


    1. Spray onto surfaces that have been cleaned Prime Solutions Interior Cleaner

    2. Using a microfiber towel, wipe in a circular motion

    3. If drip occurs, wipe off excess product

    4. Let air dry

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