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Prime Solutions' Interior Kit fits all your Auto & Boat Interior Cleaning needs!


1) KICK A** All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser - Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover


-All purpose Cleaner - All Surface Safe Cleaner for stains, dirt, and soiled surfaces. This easy to use formula penetrates dirt and grime and lifts contaminants to the surface for an easy clean.

-Upholstery Cleaner

-Stain Remover

-Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Cleaner

-All Purpose Cleaner


2) Jasmine “New Car” Scent Premium Hydrophobic Interior Protectant Spray


-Leather Conditioner UV Protection

-Premium SiO2 Hydrophobic Surface Dressing

-Provides your interior upholstery, leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces with Matte Gloss Finish with no oily residue left behind. Designed to lock in freshness and leave a UV protective layer against color fading, material drying out, or cracking. This top coat protection layer also provides a hydrophobic finish to create a water/liquid resistant layer and repell dust and dirt from sticking to the surface.


3) StreakFree Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner Spray (Ammonia Free)


Streak Free Sparkling Finish - An Ammonia Free Window Tint Safe Premium Formula Designed to leave your Glass, Mirrors, and Windows Sparkling Clean!


4) HoneydewMelon Total Interior Detailer Spray - RESTORE LVP Surfaces


Cleaner, Conditioner and UV Protectant - Interior Detailer - Restore Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Surfaces. Specially Formulated to Clean, Deep Condition, and Restore Leather, Vinyl and Plastic surfaces.




(4-Pack; 64oz. Spray) Auto & Marine - Total Interior Detailer Clean & Revive Kit

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