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Prime Solutions Foam Cannon- Universal Power Washer Connection Fitting

$49.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
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  • "Prime Solutions Foam Cannon- Professional Grade"

    Product Details:
    -3/8" Univ. Connection
    -Self Diluting, Adjustable Knob
    -Adjustable Spray Pattern
    -Professionals & Consumers
    -Manufactured with durable and chemical resistant materials for product longevity and reliability

    Simplify tough cleaning jobs today with Prime Solutions Foam Cannon in combination with Prime Solutions Chemical Products. Clean, Shine, & Protect your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, agriculture equipment, heavy duty equipment, off road vehicles, freight trucks,  home, and more with ease.
    No more mess and hassle! Eliminate the need to pre-dilute product with water in the tank. 

    1. Start your power washer 
    2. Squeeze the spray gun with the foam cannon attached.
    3. Water flows through Prime's foam cannon and mixes with the product. Simply adjust the dilution ratio by twisting the (+/-) knob (on top of cannon) for more or less foam! 

    **Best paired with Prime Solutions products such as

    1) Kick A** Cleaner & Degreaser (Biodegradable)- Superior APC Product for cleaning EVERYTHING( comparable to Simple Green Cleaner & Degreaser)

    2) Suds Up! (Max Suds Car Shampoo)

    3) Heavy Duty Exterior Cleaner- Truck, Trailer, RV, Boat, Fleet

    4) Prime Solutions Ceramic Sealant- heard that correctly! Prime Solutions nano-polymer technology based Ceramic Sealant is designed to be used  through Prime Solutions Foam Cannon, See product for more details)

    5) Prime Solutions Wash & Wax Concentrate- Cherry Scented, Non-Streaking, Superior Cleaning

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