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All Surface Safe! Professional Grade Performance made Simple!


**Order includes refillable 32oz. Bottle w/ Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer


Dilution Ratio

1:10 - 1:15

(1-Gal.) & (5-Gal.) Auto & Marine Bug Remover Concentrate - EcoFriendly

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Description:

    BUG REMOVER is a ultra powerful, multi-surface safe cleaner that breaks down and removes stubborn, dried on, bug messes and will leave your auto surfaces shining and bug free! This Eco-friendly formula easily cleans away caked on bugs on all surfaces without containing any harsh chemicals! No need to worry about harmful chemicals or offensive smells! Bug Remover will leave your car shining, with no damage to paint, wax or sealants.







    1. Simply spray onto car's surface.

    2. Allow Bug Remover to remain on surface for 30-60 seconds. 60-120 seconds for deeper penetration.

    3. Wipe off with a wet or dry cloth.

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